Stanwood Healing Arts Eco-Center

Stanwood Eco-Center

& 10-person transport van

Pictures of the new renovations have not yet been posted and include:
* expansive new floors
* 4-person steam-room AND sauna
* outdoor patio with Jacuzzi
* new accommodation sleeping loft for up to 10 persons


The Stanwood Healing Arts Eco-Center is within walking distance to many amenities. It is located in the ocean-side town of Stanwood, less than an hour north of Seattle, 40 minutes south of Bellingham, and 90 minutes south of Vancouver, Canada. 

The Stanwood Healing Arts Eco-Center offers a total of 3300 square feet of gathering-space in a beautiful, blue building. In this Spring of 2013,  the dance floor has been renovated.  By the end of May, the new floor will be installed and a 1400square foot dance floor, with 800sq/foot loft will be complete.
This main gathering area has 12’ windows with cedar-shake walls, and cathedral/ vaulted ceilings.  

For persons who prefer a formal hotel and more expensive accomodations, there is the newly renovated Stanwood Hotel, a few blocks away.

The Healing Arts Eco-Center has been the home to a Hawaiian School of Dance, Language, and Culture. 

There are many restaurants in walking-distance that include the following: Tai and Malaysian, Chinese, Mexican, and American Gourmet.   There are at least four dance/live entertainment venues in walking-distance for evening fun.  There are at least four coffee-shops and a QFC 24-hour food store in walking-distance.  For the adventurous persons, there is the nationally renowned Tulalip Casino Complex, which is a mecca for art, fine dining, and two dance clubs every night.  Only eight miles north across the rural fields, there is the renowned Conway Muse with professional musicians and live performance most evenings, with a theatrical atmosphere.

The  Stanwood Healing Arts Eco-Center is located in walking-distance to business and computer facilities, a library with free internet, and art galleries.  It is only 20 minutes from Mt. Vernon, with the organic restaurant and  food co-op, as well as Bikram yoga.

The Healing Arts Eco-Center is located near many NATURE-SITES.  From ocean excursions, beach-walks, old-growth forests, mountains, and expansive rivers,  the beauty of nature can be enjoyed and integral to any group experience based at the Eco-Center.  The following National Parks are in driving-distance with the Eco-Center's 10-person transport van: the North Cascades National Forest (90 miles east);  Mt. Rainier National Forest (2hours south);  Olympic National Forest;  the San Juan Islands via ferries from Anacortes (30 minutes away); and the forests on Vancouver Island and British Columbia.

There are, of course, the many local state parks, as well as nature reserves.  These include the following:  the Camano Island State Park;  the Camano Ridge Nature Reserve (400 acres of old forest);  and the English Boom (Cedar forests along protected bird sactuaries). 

See the tab "Nature Walks", to learn about the on-going contemplative nature walks, that begin at the Stanwood Eco-Center. The Stanwood Eco-Center also has a 10-person transport van for groups, and for persons who participate in the local contemplative nature walks.


The Stanwood Eco-Center is available as a meeting place for scheduled meetings, that are in alignment with Peace, Love, and Healing.  It can be used for lectures, classes, or discussions.   It is available for the many types of environmentally concerned groups who want to experience and promote the beauty, balance, and conservation of nature.  There can also be speaking events or workshops.  It is a large “umbrella facility” that is available to persons/groups, who are connected or concerned about the natural environment. 

If heat is used during the cold months, then a donation is requested to cover heating-expense.


The Stanwood Eco-Center has a 10-person transport van available for groups.  There is also the following:

SHUTTLE BUS: From the Seattle airport or SeaTak, there is a one-way Bel Aire coach that takes you directly from SeaTek to Stanwood for approximately $26.

EXPRESS BUS: The Healing Arts Eco-Center is easily accessable from SeaTak (Seattle airport).  There is a link-rail from the airport to the end of the line in downtown Seattle.  You then take bus 422, which is a direct express bus to Stanwood, that runs three times a day at approximately 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, weekdays. 


& 10-person transport van

The Stanwood Healing Arts Eco-Center is available to groups. 

Sleeping accomodations are available.

The Stanwood Eco-Center transport van can transport groups up to 10-persons


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